Our farmhouse. His story.

El Cortijo del Abuelo Pepe is the story of the love that José Rodríguez Gamarra, our beloved grandfather Pepe, had for the countryside and, especially, for his orchard, which he liked to show off so much.

Pepe always had the illusion of cultivating his own land, a little boy, for family consumption and being able to dedicate all the necessary hours of the day to it once he retired. This is how this farm was born in which a farmhouse with more than 30 years of existence is located and which was originally a small three-bedroom house, with an attached chicken coop and a warehouse where the farming tools were stored. Surrounded by olive trees that Pepe himself planted one by one, the views from the farmhouse are enviable, with the imposing Sierra Nevada to the north and the singular Montevive to the south.

Pepe’s garden is still alive through his son Francis, who still maintains the tomato plants, the strings of peppers, the potatoes, courgettes, lettuce, aubergines, pumpkins, watermelons and melons that Pepe planted every year and that he gave to supply to the family and distribute, as the generous man that he was, among friends, relatives and everyone who visited him on the farm. And, of course, there are also laying hens that give us an average of six fresh eggs every day.

The farmhouse that Pepe dreamed of has adapted to the new times, with Wi-Fi and smart TV, but maintains its essence of living an experience in the countryside, feeling nature and being flooded by the tranquility it brings us.

Just 7 minutes by car from Granada, 20 minutes from the beach, 30 from Sierra Nevada and ten minutes on foot from the heart of Alhendín, for lovers of the local history of the town, with the parish of the Immaculate Conception, which dates back 17th century; or the practice of sports in the area, especially mountain biking and hiking… And for his family, it allows us to remember and maintain the legacy that Pepe left written with love and dedication.